Life, in general, is based on different functions which overlap with each other, making all need each other, and this leads to the continuity of the life cycle, its beauty, its development, and progress.
We find the treatment in medicine, lines in engineering, numbers in mathematics, minerals in geology, and functions in management; Such are the colors of life. Life is a blend of colors, All of it in one box at “Cove Interior Design.”.

About Cove

Cove’s mark was created through high efficient work in which the dream became a reality. Cove was established by Kuwaiti designer in 2007, and he aspire to be one of the best interior and exterior design organization in the area.

Our Incentive

Our incentive is to make all customers satisfied and happy by giving them the perfect atmosphere for their own place.

Our Skills

Spacing Management.
Providing furniture layout with full 2D & 3D details.
Supervise projects and follow up on the progress.
Create solutions for any problems that happened on the site and giving the right decision.
A weekly report showing results of work schedule.