Private Villa 1

A private villa project characterized by diversity and highlighting the beauty of mixing colours in one place and mixing them with a simple classic design with modern touches, the idea in this project is to mix more than one design school in the same place, dominated by the essential character, which is the classic spirit mixed retro patterns with materials and English roses including a bold entry in colours, This character gradually walks into the living room, which smoothly turns into a classic rustic character without disturbing the eye because of the harmony between the two mixtures.

Then we move with the same project to the other part of the villa, the men’s diwaniya, which stems from the modern Islamic identity, mixed with Indian colours that suit the taste and desire of the owner.

Whether the house’s facilities are separated, this does not prevent diversity in the identity of the interior design, provided that this transition is consistent with the general atmosphere. An example of this is the owner’s bedroom, which has turned into a modern character and has calm colours.

Information you do not know about the project:

  • The project was furnished with 42 furniture stores.
  • Consists of 28 table lamps.
  • The project consists of 635 length linear meters of cove light.